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1926: Loetoeng Kasaroeng*

1927: Eulis Atjih***

1928: Melatie van Java, Rampok Prianger, Si Tjonat

1929: Njai Dasima I***, Resia Boroboedoer*, Setangan Berlumur Darah, Atma de Visser

- Loetoeng Kasaroeng was the first film ever made in Indonesia. This silent film was released in 1926 by the NV Java Film Company. Directed by two Dutch, G. Kruger and L. Heuveldorp and starring the indigenous actors, playing first in the city of Bandung conducted from December 31, 1926 until January 6, 1927 in two famous theaters and Oriental Elite Bioscoop (Majestic). Unfortunately, because the legend "Loetoeng Kasaroeng" only famous in Sunda land, the film was only successful in screenings in Bandung cinemas. When playing outside Bandung, the film was not welcomed very well by audience. It had been so, the film was still in a dumb format, so that the messages conveyed no story. Heuveldorp as a producer was losing money.

- Hueveldorp-Krugers duo returns. They successfully completed Eulis Atjih in 1927. Although the film itself did not yet perfect, technically the film wasn't less quality than imported films. Audience in Bandung gave big applause. Ditto, while it is playing in Surabaya cinemas. Three days before the show ends, the newspaper of Pewarta Soerabaja commended their good review of the film.

*) Flop
***) Hit

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